My new computer arrived! It’s going slow currently, but I figure that’s because it’s running all the winblows updates.

My new hard drive arrived a few days ago, I’ve been copying things over to it, takes a long time.

Yesterday, Chester whatever-his-last-name-is of Linkin Park committed suicide by hanging himself, which set off my PTSD from my struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts in Junior High, so do deal with it I spent a bunch of money on a new lens. I bought a cheap fisheye. Should be fun. I got the Opteka 6.5mm f/3.5. Nearly 180° of view. Unfortunately it won’t be here in time for the Fortuna car show tomorrow morning, but I’ll survive with the 50mm and 24mm that I already have; those take pretty good pictures. And now that I’ve spent some time playing around with my 70D, I should be able to get better pictures than I did from the last car show. And now that I have a working microphone to use on my GoPro that should help too. Though I don’t know if I really want to take the time to actually talk to people…I don’t like talking to people.

I also bought a 360° tilt gimbal which will help with panoramic shots. Perhaps I’ll try to get into realestate photography doing virtual 3d tours of locations. Could be potential for money making, between this gimbal and the fisheye lens. I’ll have to do a bit more research on website plugins that allow for 360 viewing of images to use here. Maybe someday one of my schemes will actually pan out…..pun intended.


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