(I’m actually writing this in November, nearly three months later)

Well, another chapter of my life has ended. My girlfriend of a year and a half+ and I have broken up… It’s ok, we really didn’t have anything in common except having gone to elementary school together. It was worth the try, but it didn’t work. So I moved out, and have luckily found a new place quickly.

I’m now living in Trinidad, CA. Its beautiful. I can walk down to the beaches, and there are great places to hike, and great photos to be taken. I’ve got a small duplex cabin in an RV park with my back deck looking out into a forest ravine with a creek in the bottom. I can’t see the creek, but I know it’s there, and I can walk down to it easily enough….ish. And I’ve even gotten out on my inflatable row boat in the bay.

So, life’s turned upside down and become in someways better but in other ways worse. Sleeping alone again means I’m vomiting most mornings from anxiety, and I’m having more seizures and therefore having to smoke more weed, but it does do wonders for me. Convulsions and partial paralysis to jogging down the beach in under a minute! (that is, if I’m having a seizure on the beach….). I also don’t yet have stable internet, which has made working on my website much more difficult.

Well, I shouldn’t end on a down note, I’ve been taking a lot more pictures, they are getting better, and I’m doing more video, both with my 70D and the quadcopter. Check out my YouTube for those.

Life’s mostly going good. Or I’m trying to make it that way as much as possible. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!


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