With my seizures, I don’t get out at night very often, all the lights affect me. But last night I was feeling stable enough, and way too energetic at 9pm, so I got bundled up, grabbed my camera, and drove the 1/4 mile across town to the lighthouse. I took a few shots, and then decided to shoot from a different location around the lighthouse, then discovered that the area around the lighthouse had a huge concrete slab rising 8 inches off the normal ground. No idea why. But it prevented other angles, between the slab and the caution …stands? the roadblock things….

Anyway, so I went down to the beach, took a few shots that didn’t turn out, should have upped my ISO, but it was super windy and super cold (upper 30s F, with 20+knot winds straight off the ocean), so I packed up and went home. Decided to take a few shots from my back deck.

Got two shots good enough.



*update on December 18, at 10:10am, I realized I did something boneheaded when taking these photos. I left my circular polarizer on the lens. I was blocking the light. Oops. Well, next time I’ll do better!


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