Managed to get out for a little bit the past few days. I headed down to photograph the lighthouse, BUT THEY HAD MOVED THE LIGHTHOUSE! It was NOT there!

Trinidad has been talking about moving the Memorial Lighthouse for quite some time as the hill that it’s on has been sliding and could collapse within the next few years. Apparently, they moved the lighthouse on the 10th, and I didn’t know it was going to happen then. It’s currently down the street near the beach and harbor. Much more room to take pictures around it. And then I shot some of the waves after talking to a random guy about chemtrails.

I was going to fly my DJI Phantom 3S, I finally got the new blades and ran the firmware updates, so I was excited to fly. Everything looked good as I was ready to take off, so I flew out over the ocean to get video and some photos looking back at town. Then I get a Low Voltage Warning, and the drone starts to land! but it’s over water. I managed to fight its auto-landing and get it back over into the parking lot and landed where I took off from. But the footage was a bust.

On the 12th, the fog was really cool as I was heading south on the 101. Since there were no cars behind me, I grabbed my camera and took two shots while driving, very carefully! For driving somewhere between 50 and 60 mph, they came out really clear, first is at 1/1600, the second at 1/800 (f/8, iso 200, on 24mm).

And today, the 15th, I went down to Moonstone Beach, the fog and light poking through the rain clouds were cool, but my photos didn’t come out as well as I would have liked. I need to get filters and get my settings right.

Anyway, I’ve certainly written more than usual on this one, enjoy the photos!


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