Today is my 35th Birthday! I feel so old…lol

Sun was out so I made my way down to College Cove, and when I arrived it was nice and empty. Didn’t take long to get crowded, but wasn’t a bad crowd. One girl that put her stuff near mine and after a while dragged me up one of the rocks for a higher vantage point of the cove. Then ditched me…oh well. On the way out, talked to another girl, and she gave me some homemade chocolate chip cookies! Of course, the girls aren’t why I go to the beach (I’m not Trump-like), but it is nice to talk and try to make friends.

I’m not incredibly pleased with the photos of the day, too much sun, but here they are anyway.


I managed to get out for the sunset, it was cool and windy so I waited in the car for an hour and a half and went down onto the beach 10 minutes before sunset. Here’s just a few of the barrage.

I swung by the main beach in the morning, and by sunset, the sands had changed dramatically. Didn’t capture it, but as the tide rose today, it just cut away at the beach rather than climbing the beach, creating quite the drop-off.


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