Life Going on Hold…

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Things in my life have been going kinda crazy lately, so I haven’t been out much to do photography, and I don’t really plan on doing much for the remainder of 2018. I do have some stuff that I’ve taken and haven’t yet uploaded, so there will be more from a few weeks ago, but I won’t be doing much for a while.

I’m getting ready to move, as a result of several social interactions with people that have made me feel unwelcomed in town, and so around Christmas time I will be moving back to San Luis Obispo County, to the Carrizo¬†Plains area where I have two friends, and it’s closer to my parents.

It will be a fair distance from the beach, but during the spring there is quite the incredible flower bloom in that area, and it should be great for sunsets and sunrises over the mountains that surround the plain. And there’s also a large solar farm. Plenty of photos to be created, and plenty of open areas to walk around.

In the two months remaining, I will be preparing to move, and just waiting while I try to maintain mental/emotional stability, I don’t want to go outside…

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