December 2, 2018 – New Home and New “Neigh”bors

Ah, the move is finally done. A few weeks earlier than previously planned, but it worked out better this way.

So, now, no longer in Trinidad, on the northern coast of California, I’m back in San Luis Obispo County, but over an hour east of SLO…there’s no ocean near me. But there is a vast valley along the San Andreas Fault! Yup, that’s right, I live within a few miles of the great fault of California. A place known for its wildflower blooms: the Carrizo Plain.

There’s a huge solar farm and a salt lake, and hundreds of hills to explore.

Just a bit south of where I’m living is the Carrizo Plain National Monument, which has several historical sites as well as the salt lake and hills and flowers.

Although, this time of year, most times of the year, it is pretty brown. But that won’t stop me from taking photos and flying my drone.

The sunrises and sunsets are pretty cool here, when the fog isn’t blocking the sky. And we have two horses in an adjacent lot owned by the guy that was renting the space just-now-formerly an auto shop across the street. We feed the horses. I think they need more care than we give them, but the owners tell us to only feed them… We’re guessing the auto shop guy is going to take the horses eventually, but we’re not really sure what the auto shop guy is doing with his life right now…




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