NEW!!!!! Andoer Tripod!

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Finally got a new, solid tripod! This will definitely improve the quality of my images and open up new possibilities. The tripod is built by Andoer, and extends to 60 inches, and also contains a monopod. It’s very solidly built, I’m really excited for the weather to clear up and putting gas in my car […]

Lightroom Presets For Sale!

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Always looking for ways to possibly make money with my photography, and so I’m starting to post some presets and plugins, and I’ll be doing some YouTube tutorial videos, all in hopes of generating a few more view to my YouTube and bringing some people here, and hopefully buying something from me. Capitalism requires customers; […]

Print Store uploaded!

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Got a mostly decent print store set up again, it still needs some tweaking, but it’s fully usable. I’m working on cleaning up the code for the buttons so they fit better on the pages, and that will take a bit of time. Also going to work on creating categories of stores so you can […]

Now you can Hire Me!

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Ah, that was something missing from my website, no one could hire me, can’t make money if no one hires me! So I’ve finally gotten six photo services published, I’ll probably add a few more as I think of them. So, please check out the “Hire Me For” menu item to see what services I […]

Finally have Internet

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My new place of living is supposed to have internet provided, but the wifi really sucks. So I’ve been without internet for three months. So we finally upgraded my wireless plan to Unlimited Data, and now I have my phone connected to my laptop and can actually use the internet and update my website. So, […]

Chapter of life ended, moving

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(I’m actually writing this in November, nearly three months later) Well, another chapter of my life has ended. My girlfriend of a year and a half+ and I have broken up… It’s ok, we really didn’t have anything in common except having gone to elementary school together. It was worth the try, but it didn’t […]