Adobe Lightroom Develop Presets


In this, the February 2018 build, there are 88 original Lightroom Develop Presets.




Original Develop Presets for Adobe Lightroom.

Over 75 quality original Lightroom Develop Presets that you can use for your own RAW photos.

You will receive a link to a zip file, then follow these directions:
1.) Open Lightroom.
2.) Click the Edit menu, then Preferences
3.) Click the Presets tab
4.) Click on the box titled: Show Lightroom Presets Folder.
5.) Double click on Lightroom folder.
6.) Double click on Lightroom Settings folder.
7.) Double click on Develop Presets folder.
8.) Copy the “WRD LR Photo Presets” folder into Develop Presets folder.
9.) Restart Lightroom.